Your garage door is an access point to your home. One of the reasons it is so important to fix your garage door as soon as possible if it is stuck open is because you do not want to allow unauthorized entry into your home. But how secure is your garage door protection even when your garage door is closed and locked? Is it still possible to break in? Unfortunately, there are still a couple ways thieves may try to bypass your garage door protection in Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe or other AZ locations. Monitor these things for a safer garage.


Emergency Garage Door Release

Inside your garage door is an emergency release you can pull to open the door if you are stuck inside. Since it’s on the inside, this should be safe, right? Unfortunately, thieves have figured out that by stringing a coat hanger wire underneath the door, they can find and trip that latch, easily popping the door open.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this problem. Remove the cord attached to the emergency release lever to make it harder for thieves to reach it. Additionally, you can use plastic ties to lock down the release lever so a coat hanger cannot trip it. If you still need to get out in an emergency, you should be able to pull the lever hard enough to break the ties.

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Access Code

While you may use a remote opener to open your garage door, you probably also have a keypad by the door. In the old days, garage security in Phoenix, AZ, and throughout the U.S. was very poor. Those keypads were highly vulnerable. They either had a static code that could potentially be opened by another garage door opener remote, or worked-on dip switches where you set your own code, but someone with a code-snatching device could steal it and use it to open the door.

Get a Safe, Secure Garage Door Opener System From Cookson Door Sales of Arizona

That is why today it is very important for garage door protection in Scottsdale, AZ, and throughout Arizona, that you get a rolling code opening system. This system randomizes the door code and sends the system a new code with every use, making it extremely difficult for thieves to stumble upon it. Cookson Door Sales of Arizona sells LiftMaster® garage door openers with Security+® and Security+2.0™ rolling code technology, making interference practically impossible.

For added convenience and garage security in Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa and nearby AZ service areas, you can also order MyQ® Smart technology, which not only allows you to control your garage door opening and closing from your phone without need of a local keypad, then alerts you whenever anyone opens or closes the door. For more information on garage security in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe and beyond, contact Cookson Door Sales of Arizona today.