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Fast-Fold Pneumatic Cold Storage

The cold storage industry is growing as the demand for perishable products and goods worldwide increases. Efficient and effective temperature-controlled storage is required to preserve quality, ensure safety, and store commodities. Cold storage sustains regulated temperatures ensuring perishable products, such as food and medicine, stay fresh and maximize longevity. 

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Authorized Dealer of Top-Tier Cold Storage Door Brands

Clopay and Albany

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona is an authorized dealer of the top-tier cold storage door brands Clopay and Albany. These state-of-the-art cold storage door solutions enhance temperature control, lower energy costs, and increase productivity for environments requiring climate controlsecurity, and durability. High-speed cold storage and freezer doors are the solutions to efficient cold storage facilities.

Sysco Edmonton Turbo-Seal Freezer

Albany cold storage and freezer doors combine fast speeds and a reliable thermal barrier to protect product quality in critical temperature zones. Albany’s superior door maintains temperatures and minimizes cold air loss, saving energy and maintenance costs, strengthening traffic efficiency, improving safety, and increasing productivity. With a long life and high cycle use, Albany cold storage and freezer doors preserve quality in temperature-controlled areas.

Clopay’s polyurethane insulated model 3730 provides maximum durability, reliability, energy efficiency, exceptional climate control, and long-lasting service for firehouses and warehouses.

lopay's polyurethane insulated model 3730

Where to Install and Utilize Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors in Arizona

Cookson Doors Sales of Arizona has been providing commercial cold storage door products, installation, and repair services to our customers in Arizona since 1991. To ensure the highest satisfaction of our clients, we employ professional technicians to address every cold storage concern. We service Gilbert, Glendale, Gold CanyonPeoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun CitySun LakesTempe, and the surrounding areas.

The proper door is crucial in order to maintain the temperature integrity of your cold storage warehouse. Select or upgrade your cold storage and climate-controlled facility commercial doors today.

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