Garage Door Installation

Your garage door operates smoothly thanks to a sea of moving parts, each one playing a small role in raising and lowering the door. Your garage door rollers are significant components in that smooth operation. They will go out from time to time, which gives you the opportunity to replace them with new rollers of your choosing.

When you do need replacements, you will need to choose between nylon and steel garage door rollers in Phoenix, AZ. However, which is better: steel or nylon? Each offers unique advantages. To help you make the best decision between steel and nylon garage door rollers in Phoenix, AZ, here’s a look at the benefits of each.

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

Is noise your No. 1 priority? Let us be honest — garage doors can get loud over time, which is a bad thing if you sleep in a room right above the garage or if your garage is adjacent to a living area. Nylon rollers help minimize the amount of noise your garage door makes. They also do not create nearly as much vibration as steel alternatives, which makes the door quieter during operation.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

There is nothing fun about needing garage door repairs. The need for garage door repairs can be a serious inconvenience in your life, and it is best to put them off as long as possible. Steel garage door roller are more durable than their nylon counterparts, which means they deliver long-term performance that helps you get more value out of your investment.

Steel garage door rollers can even deliver decades of use in some cases.

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