If you’re looking for metal garage doors in Phoenix, AZ, or related areas, you probably find the strength, toughness and low-maintenance nature of metal appealing. The highest-quality metal garage doors are galvanized garage doors.

Phoenix, AZ, residents with galvanized garage doors know they have a door that requires little maintenance and will last a long time. But how to you know if you have an ordinary metal garage door or a galvanized one? Here’s how you tell the difference between galvanized garage doors and metal garage doors in Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe and throughout Arizona.

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Is My Metal Garage Door Galvanized?

The first way to make sure that your garage door is galvanized is to ask your garage door dealer. Whether you are buying your metal garage doors in Scottsdale or Mesa, if the dealer you are working with is reputable, they will tell you whether you are looking at a galvanized steel door or not. Before you go shopping for galvanized garage doors, it will help to know what galvanized means. It simply means your metal door has a protective zinc coating. This helps prevent your garage door from corroding, which is the main drawback of traditional steel doors.

If your door is unpainted, it is easier to tell if you have a galvanized door. The door will have a gray color with crystal shapes indicative of the zinc coating. If your door is painted, it is less likely it is galvanized, as galvanized door do not need a protective finish beyond the zinc. However, it is still possible. If you try to attach a magnet to your door and it does not stick, your door is not galvanized.

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