One of the most important things you can do for your garage door opener is periodically (1-2 times per year) check the balance of your garage door.   This will tell you if your door has become ‘heavy’ over the years, which can slowly destroy your opener.  It will also tell you if there are any obvious friction points in the travel of the door.  Otherwise, the garage door opener will just work overtime going up and down- and you would not know until the opener quits working!

For the purpose of this exercise it is important to make sure that your garage floor is clear of debris (boxes, cars, lawn-mowers, etc.) around the door itself, allowing you to move freely across the length of the door. We are also assuming that you have an opener attached to your garage door that opens and closes it because if you don’t the only thing that will suffer as a result of a ‘heavy’ door will be your sore back!

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When I talk about the garage door being balanced, what I mean is: how well are your springs counterbalancing the weight of the garage door? If they are old and worn-out the door will be heavier than if the springs were working perfectly. The problem with an automatic opener is that it will often times still open and close the door, even though the springs are bad and the door is heavy. This can cause the opener to strain/overwork and some of the plastic parts will strip or break.

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