Winter can affect your garage and garage door — yes, even in Arizona. The good news is that it’s relatively simple and straightforward to winterize your garage door, whether you live in Tucson, Phoenix or in the plateau regions to the north that often see sub-freezing temperatures. Here are a few tips for successfully winterizing your garage door for the coldest months of the year:


One of the best things you can do for your garage is invest in an insulated garage door. Insulation improves your energy efficiency, helping to keep heat inside rather than letting it slip out. It also protects your vehicles and other assets you keep in your garage. Insulation also helps make a garage door more substantial, strengthening it and lengthening its lifespan.

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Weather Stripping: 

You have it already, but what condition is it in? While we don’t get a ton of precipitation here in Arizona, winter is the time when rain and the occasional freezing precipitation will visit. Make sure your garage and its many moving parts are fully protected.

Outlet and Switch Seals and Covers:

 Most garages are losing energy through poor weather stripping and a lack of insulation, but unsealed, uncovered switches and outlets are also culprits. Simply installing covers and seals to these fixtures will help prevent the loss of heated air.


Just like you caulk windows, a caulked garage door can make the space more energy efficient and better able to retain warm air.

Garage Heating: 

A heated or cooled garage is great for the assets you store inside it, but it can also expand your home and give you and your family an additional room. If you install a heater and air conditioner in your garage, you can use it year-round as a workshop, recreation space or just a place to hold a party.

Routine Maintenance: 

When was the last time you had a professional check your garage door? Just before winter is one of the best times to schedule routine maintenance, where an expert will provide a comprehensive examination and provide recommendations on how to best protect your garage. Lubrication is always important. Grease can harden in cold weather, nullifying its benefits. A professional can remove this grease and replace it with the right amount of a silicone-based lubrication — perfect for seeing you through winter.

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