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Service Doors – Model Number: ESD10

Safe Room Door

When tornadoes or hurricanes strike, the award winning StormDefender™ Safe Room Doors are engineered for the ultimate in life safety protection for tornado rooms and safe rooms. Available in both fire–rated and non-fire-rated models, the StormDefender™ has been tested and certified to stringent ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361, third edition code standards. Check out the test results!

StormDefender™ provides safe room design innovation that enables open, airy designs. Engineered to install in a variety of configurations, from a single door, to multiple windows or even large openings, StormDefender™ can coil above a finished ceiling or soffit. You get tornado room or safe room virtually invisible protection as the unique safe room door design and patent pending windlocks provide a safe room door that can be embedded into precast concrete, creating a minimal protrusion in the space it is installed, virtually undetectable until needed. This allows for safe room design in more open areas, especially for safe rooms in schools, like cafeterias, class rooms or gymnasiums and eliminates dark, claustrophobic dungeon like safe rooms.

But a more open design does not mean decreased safety, in fact the opposite. StormDefender™ utilizes our award-winning AlarmGard system with fail-safe operation, deploying automatically when danger is imminent, securing an open space and creating an ICC 500/FEMA 361 rated safe room to protect occupants from a tornado’s winds and deadly flying projectiles automatically, no manual lock downs required. The StormDefender™ Safe Room Door is tested to withstand high speed projectiles leaving nothing but a dent less than 3”. Along with the impact test, the StormDefender held effortlessly when exposed to wind pressure of 300 psf positive and negative pressure. This door is built to protect any opening through two of Mother Nature’s most dangerous natural disasters. After the event, the door simply disappears back into the structure.