Light-Duty Roll-Up Doors

DBCI offers a variety of light-duty steel roll up doors which which are ideal for self-storage, recreational, agricultural and storage uses. Some common applications include portable buildings, residential storage, self-storage facilities, mini warehouses, barns and garages. Our 1900 Series and 2000 Series roll up garage doors are available with electric motors and multiple mounting options for ease of use including steel, wood, masonry and concrete. Our 650 and 690 Series doors feature a proprietary gear-driven tensioning device which offers safe and precise tensioning capabilities.

650 Series

650 Series

Transform your building’s exterior and protect your assets with DBCI’s economically-efficient 650 Series steel-curtain roll-up door.

690 Series

When reliable performance in geographies often susceptible to high-wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes is required, DBCI’s 690 Series is the optimal choice.
1900 Series Product

1900 Series

The 1900 Series commercial-style roll-up door utilizes 9 1/2″ drums instead of 12″ drums, which allows it to operate quietly and requires less headroom during installation.

2000 Series Product

2000 Series

The 2000 Series is the perfect door for light-duty applications that require frequent use.
Our shop doors are designed to last, featuring a metal curtain made of 26-gauge, Grade E hard steel. Our painted steel curtains are hot dipped galvanized while our non-painted material is AC55 zinc coated galvalume. We also offer a variety of sizes to ensure the best fit for your unique application. Choose from 11 standard colors and 12 non-standard colors to match the aesthetic of your facility. Custom colors are also available, and we offer a variety of optional features such as vision panels and draft stops to meet your needs.