Counter Fire Door
Model Number: ERC10 and ERC20


Fire rated counter shutters are used to prevent the migration if one should happen to break out. This is achieved by using the shutter to compartmentalize a space to keep the smoke and flames contained to where they originated. This closure is ideal for above counter applications but can also be used for openings that reach the floor.  

UL labeled for up to 3 hours, the fire rated counter shutter is ideal for lunch rooms and concession stands. It is custom built to exact opening specifications using compact guides, slats, brackets and hoods for a smooth profile.   

Integral Frame and Sill 

We also offer our fire rated counter shutter with an integral frame and sill. This package is designed to reduce coil, bracket and header size to fit tight clearances while offering a sleek look.

The integral frame and sill units are also easy to install by slipping in to an existing wall.


Where there is fire, there is always smoke. That is why we offer SmokeShield, an enhanced smoke and draft control system that confirms to UL1784.This optional feature will assure that the smoke is compartmentalized along with the fire.