Fire Doors
Model Number: ERD20 and ERD21


Our Firemiser rolling door offers all of the life safety benefits of a rolling fire door along with the energy efficiency and sound reduction of an insulated rolling door.  

This insulated fire door will close in the event of a fire, acting as a physical barrier to prevent smoke and flames from spreading throughout the building. By keeping the incident isolated, both lives and property are being protected.  

The insulation used in this door is made of mineral wool, which helps to decrease sound transmission – with an R value of 5.3 and a U Value of .189 based on the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The mineral wool also minimizes thermal transfer, which helps to keep the climate controlled air inside and the uncontrolled temperature outside. 

A Firemiser insulated fire door is ideal for an application that is on the exterior of a building but may be expanded in the future or an area that requires a fire door but also needs the sound deadening benefit of an insulated door.   

Our insulated roll up fire door is UL listed, Factory Mutual Approved and listed with the California O­ffice of the State Fire Marshall. It is listed with a protection ratings of 45 minutes, 90 minutes, 3 and 4 hours.

The SmokeShield® seal package is an option that can be added to this door if you are required to conform to UL 1784. This seal package is an additional barrier that will eliminate the migration of smoke through the building.