High-speed exterior doors
High-speed exterior doors

High-speed exterior and interior doors for heavy-duty operation

Albany HS8010P & Albany HS8020P high-speed roll up doors are designed for medium-sized exterior and interior openings in heavy-duty operations. The Albany HS series doors feature a flexible curtain for maximum safety, tight seals for protection against humidity, dust and dirt, fast speeds for improved traffic flow, and a unique direct drive system for smooth, consistent operation.

Albany HS series high-speed roll up doors ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment thanks to the flexible curtain fabric and soft bottom door edge. A motor driven by a frequency converter makes the high-speed door extremely reliable while the soft start and stop increases the longevity of the motor considerably.

The Albany HS8010P & Albany HS8020P high-performance doors are also equipped with a self-resetting break away system to reduce production downtime and maintenance needs.

Albany HS8010P high-speed door

The Albany HS8010P is a medium-sized high-speed door for exterior and interior applications. To increase natural light, the door curtain can be equipped with windows or vision panels. A curtain with an increased static insulation is available as an option.

Albany HS8020P high-speed door

The Albany HS8020P is designed to withstand high wind loads of up to class 5 (EN12424) with reinforced side guides for advanced durability. The unique direct drive system also ensures continuous operation and securely closes the door in high wind loads.