DuraCoil™ Rolling Service Doors

Rugged DuraCoil service doors, with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel slats, in a variety of gauges, are built to last. Raynor DuraCoil rolling doors are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications. And with five available slat types – flat, insulated flat, small contour, large contour or perforated – DuraCoil commercial doors offer a style to fit any application.
Raynor DuraCoil™ rolling doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.

DuraCoil™ Features and Options

Curtain Hood

DuraCoil service doors feature a full-width, 24-gauge steel hood to protect your investment. Optional on DuraCoil model LFF.

Pre-Assembled Rolling Steel Door

Our Raynor pre-assembled rolling steel door option allows for faster and easier installation by having the curtain, barrel, and head plates shipped pre-assembled and in one crate. Ask your Raynor Authorized Dealer how to take advantage of our pre-assembled option.

Edit Counterbalance System

A smooth-running, torsion-spring operated system is packed into each barrel assembly. Industrial head plates and bearings provide long cycle life.

Guides and End Locks

Rugged steel angle guides provide maximum support for curtain slats. Zinc-plated, malleable cast-iron end locks prevent lateral movement of the curtain slats.


Each DuraCoil curtain is assembled with durable, heavygauge slats in a variety of materials and gauges.

Bottom Bar

Curtain bottoms are structurally reinforced with a minimum of two steel angles for maximum durability. A bottom astragal is included on all doors.

Head Plate Cover

Head plate covers are available for an attractive, finished appearance and help to protect your investment by keeping out dust and grime.

Security Locks

To keep your building secure, manually-operated DuraCoil doors are equipped with slide locks.

High-cycle Applications

For years of reliable operation in heavy-use applications such as multi-tenant parking facilities, choose high-cycle torsion springs.

Vision Panels

For light transmission and visibility, choose 4″ x 1″ acrylic vision slots for flat and insulated flat curtain slats. Fenestrated curtains with open 4″ x 1″ slots are also available for flat slat curtains only.

Sound Transmission Class Rating

Sound Transmission Class rating applies to IF (Insulated Flat Slat) model only.
  • STC 22 without header seal
  • STC 23 with header seal.

Pedestrian Doors

Pedestrian doors are designed for convenient entry and to help minimize energy loss.

Energy Efficient

DuraCoil insulated (IF) doors have an air infiltration rate of .47 CFM/FT2, and a tested U-Factor rating of 0.90 Btu/hr-ft2-F, both validated by an independent testing agency. This includes a vinyl guide seal, rubber hood baffle and a rubber header seal. Our DuraCoil insulated doors are perfect when considering overall energy savings.