S-2000 Hingeway

S-2000 Hingeway opening solution is a counterweight balanced vertical lift bi-folding system constructed from structural steel and is suitable for all application types. The S-2000 model can be constructed into custom doors, windows, or wall systems. The frame is constructed from commercial grade structural steel and is designed to meet high wind loads. The S-2000 is designed for applications where minimal internal projection is required.

The S-2000 comes equipped with safety features that you expect including obstruction sensing motor, safety photos eyes, and failsafe device as standard. Renlita provides a turnkey solution including specified finish, glass or cladding and installation. The S-2000 requires no additional structure at the header and attaches to the jambs only.

The S-2000 Hingeway utilizes counterweight balanced technology to ensure smooth operation and durability. By eliminating the need for overhead structure, architects, and customers will have a clearer opening to create amazing views. Reduced interior projection allows customers the versatility to accommodate design needs.