About Arizona Residential Garage Door Installation

The Residential Installation and Service Department arrives at Cookson Door Sales long before 7:00 in the morning. They unload their previous day’s work which includes old operators, one-piece doors, and old metal and wood, sections and trash they clean up at the jobsite. They then report to the installation manager to review and discuss any problems or experiences they had the previous day.

Once the previous day’s paperwork is checked, they look forward to the new days work. Again they talk to the installation manager to discuss unforeseen items, such as header height, side room, ceiling height, over all clearances, beams, rotten or termite infested wood jambs. Checking the paper work for possible needs for special tools or equipment that may be needed in an unusual application.

Cookson Door Sales is one of the few door companies left that each technician is paid by the hour and not by the job. This ensures a quality installation and service for our clients. Each installer completes 100′s of hours of initial training by a qualified technician before going out on their own. In addition to in the field training,  Cookson Door Sales initiates a weekly safety meeting and an in depth safety meeting monthly. To ensure the work is handled in the office correctly, all communication for scheduling and service is handled by the operations center where a quick phone is all it takes to ensure you are in the schedule with an on time service call or installation.

Then it’s time to load up their trucks, checking everything once again to make sure all is loaded and off they go to do their first job either service or installation they have the knowledge and experience with the Cookson Training Program, to tackle any job or emergency service that comes up.

With all installations you can be assured a thorough job from start to finish. Although problems do come up, you can be confident in obtaining a Cookson Clopay door and Lift-Master operator product, all of which are backed by the Good House Keeping Seal of Approval.

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At Cookson we believe you should know what you’re getting before the service is carried out. We do our best to be transparent and allow you to use our Imagination System to see what your custom garage door will look like. We also allow you to get a price quote prior to making any final decisions. Fill out the form to the right and we will contact you with a quote.

Sometimes you just forget to close the garage door. But if “sometimes” is closer to “usually” for you, you may run the risk of having your garage emptied out by opportunistic passers-by, and you will certainly pay more to heat your house.

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Our new Lift-Master product helps you minimize the likelihood that you’ll leave the biggest door in your house open. When you fill out our request form below, you’ll be entered to win this device which mounts easily and without tools to your garage door via a Velcro strip; if your door is open, the sensor sends a signal to the monitor, causing a red light to flash. The monitor may be plugged in anywhere in your house where you’re likely to notice the flashing light. Depending on your garage-door habits, this device could help prevent theft and lower your heating bills.