Many homeowners are on the hunt for do-it-yourself projects. Some are looking for ways to save money, while others simply enjoy the idea of learning new skills and being self-sufficient when it comes to home maintenance. Is garage door repair something just any homeowner can pick up and execute without expert assistance? The answer is somewhat complicated.

While it is possible for homeowners to take care of some simple maintenance tasks, it’s best to call for a professional when more significant repairs are needed. Here’s a look at do-it-yourself garage door maintenance and where to draw the line for safety’s sake.

Classic Collection

Skills, Tools and Tension

There are three main reasons why inexperienced homeowners should avoid taking on garage door repairs. First of all, there are skills required to successfully maintain or repair a garage door. Think about all the moving parts that make your garage door and opener work. These parts work in concert, and it takes time to learn how each of them works — and how to fix them after a breakdown.

To execute repairs, you also need specialized tools most homeowners don’t carry around in a traditional toolbox. Adding these tools to your collection requires a significant investment, and then you must learn how to use them, too. One of the reasons it’s best to call a professional is they’ve made the investment in these specialized tools, and they use them each day. For a homeowner, specialized garage door tools will be used rarely, which makes it difficult to justify the investment.

And finally, garage doors are under a massive amount of tension — the springs specifically. This tension makes it dangerous for a novice to engage in significant garage door repair activity. If the repair is handled incorrectly, these springs could seriously injure someone.

Regular Maintenance

What can a homeowner take on in garage door maintenance? Focus on simple tasks like tightening nuts and bolts. These hardware components on the roller brackets and rails can shake loose after months and years of use, and a thorough tightening will help your garage door run more smoothly and more quietly. Homeowners can also use a lithium grease to lubricate the chain or screw on the garage door opener. Again, this helps your door to run more smoothly and more quietly, and a good lubrication will help extend the life of these appliances.

If you do choose to work on your garage door, always unplug the garage door opener so it won’t be mistakenly opened or closed. Also, if you choose to work with the garage door open, use locking pliers on the roller track to keep the door from accidentally closing on you.

When You Need the Experts

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