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One common complaint by homeowners is that their garage door opener makes too much noise. While it is not possible to have a truly silent opener and completely stop the noise, some openers are much quieter than others. Of the three main types of openers (belt, chain and screw), the belt drives are purported to be the quietest, with screw drives a close second and chain drives pulling up the rear. Higher priced units tend to run more quietly than economy-priced units, so you can say that money does provide help in this area.

Vibrations Transmit Noise

If you remember your basic physics, sound needs a medium to travel through, and air is by far the most common medium for transmitting sounds. Removing the air between your noisy opener and your ears will render your opener completely silent, but this not recommended, as life in a vacuum is pretty short. In the case of your garage door opener, your house also becomes a medium to transmit noise. Garage door openers are heavy machines and they need to be firmly attached to the framing members of your house to function safely. Noise and vibrations from the opener are often transmitted directly to the wood structure above. If this happens to be below the master bedroom, you can understand why this might be problem and why it’s not easy to stop noise from entering your home.