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A properly functioning garage door is an important part of your home and business’s day-to-day operations. If it fails to open properly, it can cause numerous inconveniences and possible damage to your equipment and motor vehicles.

Don’t let a poorly operating garage door cause you, your family or your staff confusion and frustration. Equip yourself with knowledge about how this occurs.

There are a few reasons why garage doors don’t work the way they should. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes for garage doors not opening all the way.

Improper Height Adjustment

One of the key components of your garage door opener is a height adjustment tool that lets you determine the point at which your garage door will rest when not in use. It’s generally found as a set of plastic-coated screws located on the surface of your opener.

Once you locate these screws, there will generally be instructions for which direction raises your garage door and which direction lowers it. Follow the instructions and test your newly adjusted garage door to achieve optimal calibration.

Poor Track Alignment

A properly configured garage door track is essential for smooth operation. A warped track can cause issues when trying to open and close your garage door. We strongly recommend you address a poorly aligned garage door track — if left alone, your safety is at risk.

Follow the tracks on which your garage door travel. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s time to consider calling a professional.

Bad Drive Mechanism

There are three types of drive materials that allow your garage door to open and close: a rubber belt, a steel chain or a metal screw. If your garage door hasn’t been serviced in a while, consider calling a professional to conduct an inspection. A damaged belt, rusted chain or bent screw should be replaced.

Worn Out Opener Gears

Your garage door opener houses several important components, among them interlocking drive gears that transfer power from your home or business facility to the drive mechanism. If the gears start to wear out, issues with your garage door’s smooth operation are likely to occur.

It is possible to repair worn-out garage door opener gears, though depending on your particular unit’s age, a replacement may be in order. An experienced technician can help you make a determination for what needs to be done.

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