We like our systems to work smoothly. When a car doesn’t start, a window doesn’t shut or a garage door doesn’t stay closed, we are presented with a challenge that consumes our energy, time and money. Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you — learn the reasons why garage doors have trouble staying closed and what you can do about it.

Here are a few common causes for garage doors that just won’t shut:

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Blocked or Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensors

One of the most important components of your garage door system is the near-ground level sensors that interrupt operation when an obstruction is in their way. There are a few things that can cause this. First, you’ll want to make sure that nothing is located between the two sensors. They function by sending and receiving an infrared light beam across your door’s threshold. If anything is placed in the path of this beam, your garage door won’t close.

Once you’ve ensured that your garage door sensors are clear of any materials that might disrupt their activity, you’ll want to check the physical condition of the sensor units. Are they in alignment with each other to the extent that a beam could clearly pass from one point to the other? Are the lenses cloudy or full of dust? Do either of the sensor units seem damaged or worn out?

If any of these contingencies are apparent, it’s time to take action. Cleaning dirty lenses and adjusting sensors that are out of alignment are easy do-it-yourself fixes. Replacing your sensors may very well require the services of a professional technician. If you’ve tried executing some basic maintenance techniques but your sensors still aren’t working the way they should, enlist an expert servicer who can help diagnose and repair the issue.

Warped Tracks and Worn-Out Rollers

If your garage door sensors seem to be working properly, the next component of your garage door system you’ll want to check are your tracks and rollers. If you notice any sections of track that are bent, you’ve likely spotted the cause. Alternatively, if you find damage on your door’s rollers, it’s time to obtain a replacement. Garage door track and roller repair and replacement is a job best left to the professionals, so make sure you call a trusted technician to provide you with a solution.

Improper Height Adjustment

It’s possible your garage door could be set to close at a height that provides too much clearance. Your garage door opener should have a couple of plastic screws that allow you to adjust its height. This is a fairly simple adjustment that can be completed with a minimal number of tools.

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